Playing cards and drinking coffee: two things you'll catch me doing often!I’m Lindsay, and I love words. To read them, to string them together, to engage with those of others: it’s ridiculously¬†fun.

…So much fun that I went to school twice for English! At North Carolina State University, I earned a bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature in 2010, and a master’s degree in American & British Literature two years later. Though my research and scholarship concentration was modernist poetry, I also studied creative writing and completed three workshop seminars as an undergraduate.

My experience with the publishing process began as a student, working as a graduate assistant to professors, helping with book projects during the tenure process, which included research, citation gathering and verifying, fact-checking, formatting, and correcting surface-level writing errors.

Since 2012, I’ve worked as a freelancer part-time, editing fiction and nonfiction for friends and former colleagues, relying largely on referrals. I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and I also periodically tutor and teach courses on foundational writing, and write my own fiction, usually short contemporary romance or science fiction stories.

My current logo is by the lovely Autumn Lane Paperie, who I can’t recommend highly enough!


For general questions and non-booking related issues, please use the form below. Don’t hesitate to email me directly at lypublishings@gmail.com if for some reason it doesn’t work!