Currently, I provide four services at standard rates: proofreading, copyediting, beta reading, and developmental editing. While I’m willing to do other tasks like plot doctoring or fact checking, those are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and thus have no fixed rate.

To see if I’m the right fit for you, I am happy to provide a complimentary edit of the first two chapters or 1500 words of your work, whichever you prefer. I use Microsoft Word to track changes and provide comments, though other options are available upon request. Here’s a sample of my copyediting work, reproduced with the client’s permission, for an urban fantasy novel.

Though I personally read romance, science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction the most, I will read and edit any type of project from any genre, including those with mature and/or graphic content. I’m also happy to work with nonfiction projects, since I have a substantive background in academic research.

For projects written in or being converted to American English, I use the Chicago Manual of Style. For British English, I consult the Oxford Style Manual.

Below is a rundown of what you can expect should you choose to make use of my services.


One complete read-through of your manuscript, focusing on technical concerns only. I provide grammatical corrections, resolve spelling errors and typos, and reinforce consistency (i.e., a character’s name completely changes mid-draft).

Plot and characterization are not addressed with this service, so this is recommended only for mature manuscripts that only need that final level of polish. I also provide proofreading for previously published works.


Two read-throughs per page of your manuscript, focusing on technical aspects and also the ideas at play on the page and in the larger story. (Is this phrase repeated too much? Is there still a loose end in the plot? Does this contradict something in the character’s backstory?) With a focus grammar plus natural-sounding language that’s both effective and clear, this service combines proofreading with line edits.

An important note on my line edits: as a reader, I recognize the importance of an author’s voice. My goal is to preserve your original authorial voice while making sure lines sound natural, in-character, and stylistically consistent. I provide suggestions, but, as always with editing, it’s completely up to the author if those suggestions are used in the final manuscript.

Beta Reading

One complete read-through of your completed manuscript, acting as reader in your specific genre and/or subcategories. I provide feedback on characters, how interesting the narrative is, what I think works or doesn’t work, and other reader response concerns within your marketing niche.

No grammatical or technical corrections are included with this service.

Developmental Editing

One complete read-through of your manuscript, which may be complete or a work in progress. I provide feedback on pacing, plotting, characters, and all “big picture” issues with the goal of honing the focus and overall effectiveness of a manuscript. A hands-on process that is more collaborative than a beta read, it goes beyond giving my impressions to include plotting and character arc suggestions and even rewrites at times.

No grammatical or technical corrections are included with this service.


For any project that I’ve read in its entirety, I will be happy to compose a blurb or consult with the author as a proofreader and sounding board for a blurb you’ve written yourself. Composition is $10 and consulting is free, and this can be rolled into your invoice with your other services or billed separately.

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